About Us

Good Neighbors is a multi-departmental, faith-based community development corporation serving residents and businesses throughout the tri-state area. We provide community outreach social and educational programs that address and correct today's most pressing social problems such as unemployment, economic under-development, the disintegration of the family as a social unit, inadequate public education, child care, insufficient housing conditions and immigration/citizenship issues.

We are a non-profit organization located in the Northeast section of the Bronx that leverages and deploys a wide diversity of public, private and community-based resources along with comprehensive technical and practical training.

We seek to stimulate economic development in our community by providing superior instruction, counseling and programs that assist clients to:

(a) secure and retain meaningful employment
(b) attain appropriate training and education
(c) pursue entrepreneurial aspirations to fulfillment
(d) develop a purpose-oriented life strategy and implement prudent fiscal management of their income
(e) obtain and maintain adequate housing and a suitable living environment
(f) achieve greater participation in the affairs of the community

We provide services intended to address the problems related to unemployment, economic under-development, lack of educational opportunities, as well as housing and immigration assistance.

Good Neighbors Community Outreach Agency extends its reach beyond the confines of its physical facility and current staff - applying the wealth of information available on the Web. Good Neighbors outreach into its community takes shape in a broad array of strategic partnerships that will aide us in fulfilling our mission.


Improving the quality of the urban workforce and enhance their productivity and competitiveness. To measurably improve the lives of those who seek our help and reaching out to others that are in need.


To empower youths and adults to pursue their greatest aspirations and make a difference in their own lives and in their community; by leveraging the power of the Internet and technology in ways to enhance their economic and social development.


  1. Advocate and facilitate the use of technology to gain access to information and opportunities for the future
  2. Establish successful working relationships and "networks of trust" with various business entities and community partners to enhance our service delivery and outreach efforts
  3. Apply every available resource to foster a well-trained, career-minded, high-caliber workforce.

Bridging the "digital divide"

A key component of the Good Neighbors Community Outreach Agency mandate is to build an online, self-service information center offering programs and projects that support individual aspirations for education, career, training, entrepreneurial and neighborhood renewal initiatives that include business ownership and home purchase.

Good Neighbors Community Outreach Agency aims to establish a center of excellence in the Bronx and promote the use of technology in everyday lives and highlight:

  • Hands-on technology training
  • Career/job search strategies
  • Education advancement
  • Using the Good Neighbors website as the one-stop local gateway access to a wide range of relevant, useful information
  • Creating opportunities for coaching and mentoring relationship (both online and offline) between GN counselors and community residents.

Good Neighbors also provides access to immigration/legal services and several resources to assist its immigrant community with immigration/citizenship issues.


  • Healing. Help people by providing meaningful programs and services that will enhance Community life to enrich the lives of reasidents.
  • Empowerment. Extend support to people in the community to meet their needs.
  • Love. Through our career and educational services, we are aiming to maintain a log term relationship with our clients.
  • Prosperity. Provide a friendly atmosphere to support community work and activities to make people feel welcome and at home. When you come in you will feel at home.